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Hail storm in Charlotte NC
Hail Damage & Wind Damage | New Roof | C

Hail & Wind Damage

In Charlotte NC windstorms and hail storms have been the leading cause of roof replacements. When working with storm-damaged roofs, it is important to have the skills to identify hail damages VS natural roof weathering and improper roof maintenance log. Listed below are a few points to consider when considering a storm evaluation. 
  • Unsure Of The Age Of The Roof - When moving into a home, most Charlotte NC homeowner hire a roof inspector. Rarely do they get on the roof, leaving the client unsure of what's the status of the roof? It's highly recommended to hire a local roofing contractor to perform a storm damage assessment. 
  • Active Leaks Throughout The Home -Hail damage is never isolated in a certain area. Hail tends to scatter through the property damaging the exterior of the home and collateral damage as well. Wind damage is also scattered through the roof. At times there are certain slopes that have more visible damages or wind zippers that are forming. 
  • My Neighbors Are Getting New Roofs- In Charlotte NC only 15% of homeowners will be paying for a full roof. Due to the vast amounts of scattered wind and storms that we get we are able to get a new roof at the cost of the insurance deductible. Its highly recommend to support your local roofing contractors and stay away from Storm chasers. Charlotte NC has over 20 roofers, that can help you out. 

Free Assessment

New Roof has had the pleasure to work with over 30+ property insurance companies, working as an advocator to ensure the client is able to the most of a roof claim. Our free assessment will include a full roof inspection, a full gutter inspection, a window screen inspection, and any other collateral damages. 

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