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Damaged roof

Roof Repairs 

A Repair Can Often Be The Solution
If your roof is 20 yrs + and the shingles are worn and damaged then its time to be thinking about a full roof replacement. On the other hand if you have a leak or damaged area on your roof and the the roof is in great shape, than all you may need is a professional to repair the damaged area. 
Regardless of the size of the repair we are committed to assisting our clients and providing top notch repair services. Having a leak or damaged roof does not always mean that the installation was doing improperly, there are plenty of other reasons for a problematic roof. Call us today if you suspect that you have damaged shingles, rotted sheathing, leaking spots or any other issues that you will like to get addressed. we will do a complete walk through, document the consultation and provide you with a Free Estimate. Don't wait until the water starts making its way into your home causing more damage along the way.
Repairing a storm damaged roof
Common Issues That Lead To Roof Failure 
  • Rotted / Cracked pipe boots 
  • Damage from fallen tree limbs / branches
  • Shingles blown off due to high winds
  • Blistering-due to improper ventilation
  • Buckling of the shingles
  • The skylight-leaking because of age or improper install
  • Punctures and damages
  • Neglect- when was the last roof maintenance completed
  • Rotted or damaged plywood (Sheathing)
  • Improper installation 
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