6 Causes Of Roof Leaks In Heavy Rain

6 Causes Of Roof Leaks In Heavy Rain

Gennadiy Yevsin
By: Gennadiy Yevsin \ February 15, 2021

Why does my roof only leaks sometimes?

In Charlotte North Carolina homeowners experience different variations of weather patterns. In the spring time we have roofs that are damaged with hail and wind. In the summer there are scattered thunder showers and if the roof was damaged by wind or hail then it is prone to leak. In areas where winds are a issue, the rain will blow up the roof and into the attic. If the roof has a small hole in the roof, you may only see a leak when you have over 1 inch of rain come down. The best way for a roofer to determine the cause of the roof leaks is to do a full roof inspection.

Ceiling Leak From Rain

When it rains, you may see rain water enter into the home diffrent ways. In Charlotte NC the most common way is a leak for the ceiling. It is not uncommon to see leaks for from the floor and around. When ceiling are leaking, it is a good practice to catch the water, call your local roofer, and have them fix your issues. It is very important to fix all leaks around the ceiling and the attic in order to avoid black mold growth.

Roof Leak Repair Cost

In Charlotte North Carolina roofers are charging anywhere between $200-$1500 for a repair. The cost of a roof repair depends on the situation, and what options the client would like to go with. In Charlotte North Carolina, new roof is dedicated to provide clients with a free roof evaluation, and a quote on the spot so that the client can make a decision without prolonging a week. As we all know a roof can only take so many leaks until it becomes an issue. Contact us today by email, text or a phone call, we are always standing by to help local homeowners.