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Hail and wind damage

Storm Damage Roof Evaluation in Charlotte

Here in Charlotte, wind and hail are the leading causes of roof replacements. When working with storm-damaged roofs, it is important to identify hail damage versus natural roof weathering and improper roof maintenance. At New Roof, we know the difference.
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Here are a few points to consider when considering a storm damage evaluation:
Splits or Cracks
Unsure of the age of the roof: When moving into a home, most Charlotte homeowners hire a roof inspector to assess the roof's condition. However, homeowners rarely get on the roof themselves to verify conditions. That’s why it’s critical to work with a contractor you can trust to provide an honest storm damage assessment.
Active Leaks
Active leaks throughout the home: Hail damage is never isolated to a certain area. Hail tends to scatter through the property damaging the exterior of the home and causing collateral damage. Wind damage is also scattered across the roof. Oftentimes, there are certain slopes that have more visible damage or wind zippers that are forming.
Neighbor's Roofs
Neighbors are getting new roofs: In Charlotte, NC, only 15% of homeowners will be paying for a full roof out-of-pocket. Due to the frequent wind and storms we have here, homeowners may be able to get a new roof at the cost of their insurance deductible. It is highly recommended to support local roofing contractors and stay away from storm chasers.
Free Assessment
Free Assessment: New Roof has had the pleasure of working with over 30 property insurance companies, advocating for clients to ensure they get the most out of their roof claims. A free assessment from New Roof will include a full roof inspection, a full gutter inspection, a window screen inspection, and any other collateral damage.
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