Like a great roof, we’re built on integrity.

We understand that a new roof is a large investment. That’s why you should feel comfortable working with people you trust.
Founded 2005

Dear Home Owner,

First and foremost, thank you for contacting New Roof for your roofing needs. We are honored to have the opportunity to earn your business and friendship for many years to come.

We want to share a little backstory behind the brothers running this company. Our journey began in 1995 when our family moved to America, hoping to pursue the American Dream. Our father was a car mechanic, and our mother was a homemaker raising six of us. Roofing wasn't in the scope of our family. Fast forward 15 years, my brother and I worked on our first ever roof together-that was when the love for this industry began. Before starting our company, New Roof, we worked for other roofing contractors.

Though we gained experience and knowledge, we were also able to see that not all roofers are alike. Many are just out there trying to make a sale, but at New Roof, we want to serve our customers with trustworthy and honest quality service. Behind every brand is a mission statement, and with New Roof, we are more than roofing salespeople. Our daily goal is to exceed all of our customer's expectations and provide top-notch service from the time we get acquainted with the moment we say our farewells. We can achieve such a caliber of customer service by practicing F.A.I.T.H. (Fairness, Accountability, Integrity, Transparency, and Honesty). New Roof understands that your home is your greatest asset, and ultimately, the first line of defense starts with the roof. So, with that, we always provide you and your family with a roofing system that will protect your home for decades to come.

What to Expect:

  1. F.A.I.T.H - (Fairness, Accountability, Integrity, Transparency, and Honesty)
  2. Top-notch installation on every roof
  3. High-quality materials
  4. Respect for your property and family
  5. Cleanup of the property after the work has been completed.

Without our customers, we are just a name and a logo-but our brand identity is what we've built from serving customers like yourself. We know choosing a contractor to work on your home is essential, so we can't thank you enough for taking time out of your day to call us at 704-999-6034 or contact us here. Because of homeowners like yourself, New Roof can serve our community one roof at a time.

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