New Roof’s Real-Estate Partnership In Charlotte NC

New Roof’s Real-Estate Partnership In Charlotte NC

Gennadiy Yevsin
By: Gennadiy Yevsin \ March 2, 2021

Roofers Working With Local Charlotte Real-Estate agents

Being a local roofing contractor in Charlotte NC allows us to expand and partner up with other local businesses to allow us to grow as a company and as a reputable, reliable roofing contractor. In the past, we have worked with property management companies, local hardware stores, local churches, and even more partnerships. We are proud to announce our new partnership with local real estate agents. Local agents are always looking for a reputable roofer that can provide quick, reliable services and we feel that we can meet & exceed those expectations.

Why A Detailed Roof Inspection? Selling Or Buying A Home

Are you buying a home? Or are you trying to sell a home? Have you had a home inspector perform a home inspection yet? If you answered YES to any of these questions then we are in a position to help you out. A majority of home inspectors will NOT climb your roof, leaving the seller or buyer vulnerable to unseen damages to your first line of protection. Being a local roofer in the Charlotte NC area, we are able to offer a detailed 6 point inspection including:

  1. Roofing Medium
  2. Ventilation
  3. Gutters
  4. Storm Damage
  5. Flashing / Chimney
  6. Attic (Roof Decking, previous repairs, etc)

By hiring a professional to inspect these systems, you can have a piece of mind knowing that you are selling/buying a property that is updated to date on maintenance and in good condition for X amount of year.

What Is Included In The $350 Report?

When ordering a detailed roof report, you are arming yourself with a detailed inspection, with pictures and descriptions of issues that may be an issue in the future. The report also includes a detailed roof quote for any recommended repairs or roof replacement costs. You are able to turn your $350 investment into a negotiating tool that can save you thousands of dollars later on. The report will have detailed sketches of the property, where you will know exactly the size of the roof, the length of the gutters, and many more items.

Where Do I Sign Up?

We work directly with local homeowners who are looking for a professional roofing option as well as local, residential real estate agents. If you are a local real estate agent that is looking for a reliable roofer that can generate a quick roof report, then we can help you. Being a real-estate partner we are able to offer a voucher that you can gift to potential sellers and buyers for a discounted report. We are honored to be a staple in Charlotte NC and look forward to working with you and your family.


For returning partners, please download and file out voucher as needed