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Replacing shingles

Roof Replacement 



When our clients call us they are looking for a reputable company to either repair or replace their roof. In many cases our professionals can determine the source of the leak or damaged area and fix it, extending the life of the roof. However from time to time the repairs are beyond repair; sun exposure, rain and other weather conditions can cause serious wear to a roof. So how do you know if its time for a new roof? Below is a list of some signs that you may need a new roof:

- Age of roof,how old is your roof? Will it qualify for a new roof
-Shingles that are missing, curling and buckling 
-Roof Valleys play an important role on your roof. If the valley is damaged in any way, water will not be able to travel down into the gutters properly leaving you susceptible to water damage.
-Damaged shingles and lots of shingle granules in the gutters
-Hail / Wind damage
- Signs of streaks along the exterior walls. staining on attic rafters and interior ceilings
-Flashing that has been compromised and is no longer keeping water out
Roof installation
Roof inspection
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